I woke up where I was from, a man came along, men are trustworthy
nobody can tell it was one of them, it was obvious
he held information on me, he picked up the phone and called
these kind of people don’t call for no particular reason and asked where I was, where I was

I told him quickly as convincingly as I could be, haste makes waste you come to invent incredible things and afterwards you are someplace else
you calm down, feel emptied and the chaos inside makes nothing
but bite strongly and painfully, defend itself from me

because the changes of identity are killing
if you tell it all you’ll find yourself without your body-cover
or a woman or you are soon pushed by force in a pro-judaic movement
have a shower then we’ll leave, there’s nothing to be done

it is only now that the story unfolds, its rules are by us made
and in our mutual, lethargic interest they all subsequently act

corina dragomir


2 gânduri despre „sonnet

  1. intrebare: cum era in romana la „the changes of identity are killing”. incerc sa-mi dau seama daca nu cumva poate fi imbunatatit. zic si eu. ma gandesc la verb. „are killing” e cumva in aer si e si in continuos si parca … nu stiu… e doar o parere.

  2. „schimbările de identitate sunt mortale”. a fost alegerea corinei si o respect 🙂
    ne mai gândim că timp o fi.

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