beyond, in the heat

we stay in our gardens, walking side by side
every gesture is actually the hunt
that begins with the dawn, there’s no shame
we could lay everything on the ground

there from to raise by itself
and fall back at its own place
just as us, a handful of dressed people
filled up with a joy which never gets tired
we set out from many details, we were
in the middle of some circumstances that can’t harm you in any way
stories are sometimes alike with the fuel oil
at first sight
the waves pass over the shiny surfaces
similarly, the incidents bring by an incomprehensible and loving force

from here we ran to the heat
still on a smoky morning, we hadn’t even had our meal
we decided we were too near from the market
the street was waving its sidewalk up to the hall of the house
we were sad

then things came back to normal, they always are
you come to realize it’s natural to have some cold food
to keep silent, take the fruits one by one
to run as much as you feel through the grass
or to startle

corina dragomir


4 gânduri despre „beyond, in the heat

  1. dacă aşa se aude de-acolo, înseamnă că e bine, că doar nu degeaba foloseşti limba micuţului will. mulţumesc.

  2. foarte faină traducere, da, am citit şi recitit! congrats corinei, rog transmite-i.
    recitat agale aşa, în engleză, e ex-ce-lent, sună, fir-ar, mai fain ca în ro. îmi aminteşte de dead poets society.
    sper să aibă timp corina şi să dorească să mai traducă din texte, agale aşa.

  3. dead poets society? ehe, ce vremuri! da, probabil muzicalitatea limbii engleze. iar la corina nu ţine de timp, ţine de chefurile ei… merci!

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